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I am a wife who has had her nude photos posted without being asked, my husband was not as careful as he should have been and I followed a link to a nude posting site and there I was.

It thrills me to no end exposing her, but even more so knowing I am abusing her. We met again when we started our divorce processes. Sexy latino women tumblr. We really enjoy the site and sexy people that I lost all my friends and my parents don't speak to me anymore. Pics of your wife naked. I have tried to stop, I've deleted loads of pictures and movies but there are still some I keep Which I tell myself are just for me.

She was in the shower when we came in. Please, don't do it anymore. I cant stop doing this!! I actually admire your courage for dealing with your mind not with your emotions… Take care. Of course my two friends were also very concerned and they were right behind me.

I have a fantastic sequence of her doing a striptease which I love to post one pic at a time to get people to beg for the next one. All three of us had a hard time not staring. Enormous cartoon tits. I havent ever posted a pic of my wife ever BUT I do have another similar addiction and its worse than crack!!

It's a power trip. As she opened the cupboard to get a juice glass I looked over at the other two guys. But I wasn't really satisfied with the response. I estimate that more than 7, people have seen her naked. We were going to a third friends house to help him with a building project.

In fact, I can easily find them. I agree that it's highly addictive and a huge rush. Sorry guys dont get your hopes up. I found calm and believe in her voice when she spoke.

Like many remarks, I too had this fantasy of sharing my wife's photos to be viewed by other men and women.

I also hasten to add I have had other women tell me the pics turn them on too!! It's really a big turn on to show wife's nude photos. Does my Wife make you want to cum?? If I was your wife and I found out, I'd kick your ass! For Yahoo i'm much comfortable sharing her pics and other husband do the same. She asked me to take care as she wanted to continue with her sleep. Cunnilingus lesbian porn. I think the lot of you are fuckwits who deserve to be caught, I mean FFs what state are your marriages in to be violating your wives like that, and them walking around completely oblivious?

Wife over 40 looking so sexy in lingerie. She and I both consider this a turn on as well as the photographer

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I met Edem at the university Yes, it IS normal for a husband to want to show his wife's naked body to other men!

Don't do it guys. But be forewarned, it can be as addictive as crack, and you will say you wont do it again but you will. Miley cyrus naked pussy. I'm above it when corresponding with a lot of other guys, I assumed he was making a hilarious joke. She found out and it wasn't very fun anymore. Pics of your wife naked. Me and my husband love to show my body off. If I found out my partner was doing this I'd do more than break his balls!! Any husband can do it if he's willing. Not too many of them will admit it, but it is the elephant in the room which no one has the courage to talk about.

Since making mention of porn is a quick go-to joke for a lot guys though not me. I shared two naked pictures of my wife during a very frustrating period of our marriage. Bangla sex 3x. You can imagine the horror in her eyes when she saw me.

For goodness sake, why on earth can't you be happy with what you've got and make that fun and interesting? I then parked it in the car park of the supermarket where my wife works and left the car, I watched from a distance and saw lots of people looking at the image, some were staff that she works with. Thought we would share some gardening tips for I have been suspended from the yellow smiley logo site as well; still love to show to others comments are so awesome.

I love watching gangbang and multiple BJ movies etc and I imagine her as the star. The good news is that I've told no one about this incident, and I sincerely doubt she looks a porn. I also went on a chat programm. We appreciate it and reply to each and every one.

Over men have viewed me and that is frightening and exciting at the same time. I've always fantasized about my wife with other men, the more the better.

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Fucking my beautiful wife at home. Let us know which way you like her pussy? If you want to be horny, just imagine your wife that you r a stranger and u r fucking your wife for very first time. Why cuckolding wives love orgies. Porn xxx mobile free. We were just about finished when she came downstairs.

I've stayed wet for days thinking about all the people that desire Consider what could be lost. Some of you are always looking for the 'bigger and better' thrill. He would send me pictures of him following my wife after she left work and at times had the opportunity to do upskirts on her. She is Polynesian in origin and I must say, very good in bed.

I have done this for many years. Without her knowing, I put up her naked pics online with her face hidden and ask for other men to comment. Again, I would do anything to see this and would love it!

I have been posting naked pics of my wife for years.

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